5 Free Meeting Apps That’ll Help Eliminate Back-and-Forth Planning

We’re all pretty quick to admit that attending meetings isn’t our favorite thing to do. But planning them? That can be even worse.

I get it: Participating in ongoing email chains of “How about we meet on [day] at [time]?” and “That time doesn’t work for me” or deciding whether Google Hangouts or Zoom is better aren’t my idea of fun either.

But you can put an end to all that hassle with one of these meeting apps. They’re easy to use, free (if not inexpensive to get all the features), and available on a variety of platforms. Plus, they’re a brilliant way to put technology to work—so you can get back to doing yours.

Meeting App #1Assistant.to

Assistant.to is a Chrome extension that checks your schedule and puts proposed times into an email so the person you’re meeting with can choose their preferred option with just one click. It remembers where and when you like to meet, plus it detects time zones (which is super handy for across-the-country communication).

Best for when you need to schedule: one-on-one meetings quickly and in Gmail


Meeting App #2Calendly

This app creates a simple web page with meeting time choices so you can easily share the link with anyone. You can add buffer times around events, establish a maximum number of meetings per day, and set limits on last-minute scheduling so you can make sure your day isn’t too packed.

Best for when you need to schedule: appointments with customers or clients who don’t use the same email service provider you (and when you want to integrate other apps such as Salesforce)

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